Hope For Paws received a call about a very lonely-looking dog that was said to be roaming the streets and hanging out at yards. She didn’t seem to be following anyone in particular and no one had ever been seen actively seeking her out, so it was safe to assume that she had no master. When Hope For Paws arrived at the area, it didn’t take them too long to spot the black, fluffy, and definitely lonely-looking dog.

She was very accepting of the treats that they brought for her, but then, she also probably hadn’t had anything decent to eat for at least days. In any case, the treats were enough to convince the dog to follow the female team member of Hope For Paws. She and her colleague agreed to have the dog follow her into a closed area where she would continue to feed the dog with treats.

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He was right behind them and made sure he could cover his end and prevent the dog from escaping. By the time the poor thing realized that she had been lured into a narrow space, both team members had already secured the area. And the only place that she could go to was towards an open door that led to yet another dead-end.

She started to panic, naturally, an then settled on sitting in front of the open door. The team member nearest to her tried to calm her down by offering more treats and caressing her repeatedly. After a few more minutes, she allowed for a leash to be placed around her neck and she was picked up, kissed, and carried into the vehicle.

During the drive back to the shelter, she was able to relax more and even enjoyed belly rubs from her new friend. Fortunately, she wasn’t in such a dire condition compared to other rescue dogs. She was given a bath, the usual check-up, and well, more treats of course!

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube



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