It’s Dongchul’s eating time! But unlike most dogs whose tails start wagging when their food bowls are here, Dongchul plays dead.

What? He doesn’t want to eat? But he’s so chubby!

The workers at the steel factory, where Dongchul lives, are puzzled too. Why won’t he eat? Is he on a hunger strike? If he doesn’t eat, why does he look overweight? What was he eating? Maybe he developed an appetite for nuts and bolts…

So the factory workers just went about their daily business. After all, they did offer the dog food; he just won’t eat it. And it looks like he doesn’t need it, too.

But the dog sneakily goes out the back door… as his paws finally hit the ground outside, he broke into a run.

First stop… A diner where a charming old lady offered Dongchul some food scraps.

Second stop… A restaurant where the cook prepared some pig’s liver (ooh la la!)

Third stop… An eatery where a loyal customer fed him more food scraps!

But wait there are more stops… 4… 5… 6… 7 stops! This dog went around the neighborhood. No wonder he’s getting big!

“He used to come here with his owner,” one of the restaurant owners said, “but now he’s all alone.”

Owner? Dongchul has an owner?

“He always follows his Dad around, buying stuff like cigarettes or coffee,” another store owner said, “but he’s coming on his own for quite a while now.”

Back at the factory, the workers tell of a man they fondly called “Chief”, who was Dongchul’s original owner. Well, if he was Dongchul’s owner, then where is he? Why does he let his dog eat all these scraps and become obese?

The factory didn’t know how to say it, “He… the Chief… well… he fell ill, and…” he took a deep breath as if to steady himself, “he passed away last year.

Watch the rounds Chief and Dongchul used to make in this heartbreaking video:

Source: SBS TV동물농장x애니멀봐 via YouTube



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