It seemed to be such an ordinary, sunny day. A Jack Russell is on the lawn, relaxed, and wagging his tail. Then, a tiger starts walking towards the dog.

Dangerous situation

The dog was unaware that a large tiger was coming towards him. This pooch happily wags his tail, oblivious of the potentially disastrous situation that can become of him. The tiger was moving slowly so that the dog won’t be alerted.

Lateral sneak attack

A tiger is a ferocious animal that can kill an animal that is a lot bigger than this dog. A tiger makes a lateral sneak attack to kill animals in the same manner that it did in this dog video. This tiger can grapple the dog and deliver a killing bite to the dog’s neck!

Expect the unexpected

With a Jack Russell, you can expect the unexpected. The sneak attack situation turned out to be one that this dog fended off! The Jack Russell was able to make the tiger stop in his tracks and even was able to shoo it away.

A ferocious dog

This little dog was startled when the tiger went for its neck. It jumped up and down, attacking the tiger’s face! The dog was more ferocious than a vicious tiger!

Tiger stalking

As the tiger was still stalking the dog, this one was on alert status, staring it down. The dog walked away and returned aggressively to fight with the big animal. That made the tiger bow down its head and settle down on the ground.

Jack Russell wins

This animal documentary taken in Bagamoyo outside Bloemfontein in South Africa is one of the most amazing videos. A Jack Russell can be fierce, but it is no match for a tiger. But this video shows that the tiger has met his match!

A brave dog

Animals can live in harmony. Though the tiger is a natural hunter, it may get tamed. The hunting instinct is active in the tiger as he made the classic lateral sneak attack. With all those factors in place, it is astonishing that this dog is alive!

More than just surviving, this dog was able to make the tiger back down. Such a brave dog!

Source: kilianhagemann|YouTube


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