JoAnn Wiltz and Loreta Frankonyte of Hope For Paws received a call about a stray dog walking in someone’s yard and gave birth to nine puppies. They immediately went to the address knowing that the puppies, as well as the mama dog, would be in danger should they return to the streets.

They also knew that the homeowner where the dog gave birth wouldn’t be able to accommodate the dog for very long. The hot weather prompted the new mom to move her puppies under the house. However, the people living in the house kept moving them back out for sanitary reasons.

When the two rescuers arrived, they found the new mom and her puppies on a tray with a blanket. The family was kind enough to provide the dog and her puppies with a comfortable bed.

puppies, puppy, pup

At first, the new mom instinctively barked at the two rescuers to protect her puppies. However, after just a few seconds of reassuring the dog, she eventually allowed the rescuers to pet her and come near her puppies.

They spent a few more minutes with the dog to gain her trust and eventually, the new mom allowed the rescuers to handle her puppies.

They brought the new mom and her puppies back to their facility to be given proper care and also to check their health. The rescue volunteers decided to name the dog, Godiva.

Godiva was found to be healthy and got reunited with her puppies. They took her back to the facility with her babies. The rescuers noticed that Godiva had difficulty feeding her puppies. This prompted the rescue volunteers to teach Godiva to nurse her puppies, which she learned in no time at all.

After a few days, the puppies eventually had their eyes open are eagerly exploring their surroundings. Godiva and her puppies are now waiting for their forever home. Godiva and all of her puppies are perfectly healthy and are some of the sweetest dogs that Hope For Paws had the pleasure of rescuing. Here’s the video of the heartwarming rescue of Godiva and her puppies.

Source Video via YouTube through Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel


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