The couple Kailaan Walker and Lydia Selin surprisingly got a call from the US Coast Guard while they were enjoying their Christmas vacation with their loved ones on St. Joseph Island in Canada. What made the coast guard contact the couple who was on vacation?

When the couple came to Canada for their vacation, they brought their two lovable dogs with them. However, when they took both dogs one time for a walk in the woods, one of the dogs, Logan, got loose and ran away. He did not return after that. The couple, who was supposed to spend some memorable time with their family, thought that they would have to go home with a broken heart.

All the necessary efforts to locate Logan’s whereabouts were exhausted, b he was nowhere to be found. The hopes of finding the lost dog drop off as days passed by. They even resorted to installing trail cameras.

It was the eleventh day after the dog’s disappearance when Kailaan and Lydia got the call. At that time, they were already entertaining the thoughts of going back home without Logan. The phone rang, and it was from a number registered in Michigan; somebody from USCG Mackinaw.

The team rescued Logan who was able to cross the border all the way to Lime Island in Michigan. They have to build him a bonfire and a makeshift dog house. They also provided him with some foods so the dog would trust them.

Upon careful examination of Logan, the crew found out that he had been suffering from frostbites on his paws. Using some antibiotic cream and some bandages to wrap them, they treated him to prevent any further injuries. They took really good care of him and made sure he was safe until his owners could get him.

Kailaan and Lydia endured a 7.5-hour drive just to have Logan back. They were very grateful for the kindhearted coast guards who saved their much-loved pawed buddy.

Credit: CBC News


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