In the canine world, size means everything. After all, dogs with a bigger body build tend to display domineering behavior over their smaller counterparts.

However, an American bulldog begs to set himself apart from the rest as he shows how gentle giant dogs can be towards their not-so-big counterparts.

Hmm, what’re you doing?

In the video, an American bulldog lies comfortably on the floor, ready to take his siesta. However, it seems the pooch cannot do so as a tiny Chihuahua starts gnawing on his tail, probably mistaking it as a chew toy.

The oblivious Chihuahua continued nipping at the bulldog’s tail, even tugging it like a rope strand. But, it looks like the Chihuahua’s unknowingly hurt the bulldog as it attempts making a move at the tiny pooch.

But, the tenacious Chihuahua pup carried on with his stint. Even if the bully’s starting to feel annoyed, the Chihuahua continues biting its tail.

Won’t you stop with the biting?

However, the bully’s patience wears thin as it finally makes a move at his tiny pal. The bulldog attacks the little pooch, but only to the point of fending him off.

It looks like the trick worked as the tiny pooch immediately stopped – but only for a few seconds. As the bulldog tries to snooze, the Chihuahua starts munching on the bully’s paw.

Since his tiny pal wouldn’t let him off the hook, the bulldog retaliates by attempting to squish his pal with a paw slam. Unfortunately, the Chihuahua managed to escape his wrath just in time.

You want to play, huh?

Since the Chihuahua’s determined to play with the bulldog, the bully’s left with no choice but accede to its wish.

Contrary to his size, the bulldog gently plays with the Chihuahua. At some point, the bulldog even allowed the little pooch to climb all over his face. The pair continued playing for quite some time, much to the delight of their fur parents.

If you want to catch these dogs in live action, make sure to watch the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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