Cities around the world have stray dogs. Salima Kadaoui is no stranger to this problem and has made it her mission to save homeless dogs in Morocco.

Growing up, Salima experienced something that traumatized her. At a young age of eight, Salima’s love for animals started. She started feeding stray dogs in the streets of Morocco. However, people rang the authorities who ended up poisoning the dogs she cared for and fed.

Salima remembers a dog who recently gave birth to puppies who was dying from poisoning while her puppies suckled on her. Her memory of this event inspired Salima to give up her old life and dedicate it to rescuing strays in Morocco.

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While growing up, all she wanted to do was give the stray dogs she cared for a home. She wanted to adopt them all. During that time, it was impossible for a little girl to do. Now at 45, Salima made enough money to fund her rescue organization.

Salima founded a non-profit organization based in Tangier, Morocco called SFT. She and her team at SFT are dedicated to finding all the neglected and abandoned animals all across the country and rescue them.

Over the years since SFT started, Salima and her team rescued hundreds of stray dogs. They provided vaccines, parasite treatment, and even neutering all of them. All the dogs they rescue and treat wore yellow tags to indicate that they are healthy, free from parasites, and sterile.

Salima’s organization doesn’t only rescue dogs and other animals, but they also educated the public about stray dogs and encouraged them to help by calling them if they see a stray animal in need of help. Salima and her team’s hard work resulted in a positive outcome where a lot of people are more aware of animal welfare and continues to cooperate with them to rescue strays.

Salima’s organization is made possible thanks to her hard work as well as her team’s dedication to rescuing animals. The funds SFT gets are mostly from private donations, charities, and social media.

Thanks to people like Salima, the world is a better place for stray dogs who needs a home. Here’s a video on what Salima and her team do to help these neglected animals.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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