A woman named Sara Ortin decided to travel before taking up a course for Ph.D. in Primatology. She wanted to experience the world and left her home in Barcelona, Spain, to pursue traveling and simply to experience the different cultures of the world.

Sara left her two dogs behind in Spain and knew that she’s going to miss them terribly. She also knew that her two fur babies back in Barcelona would be in good hands with her family.

When Sara left, she didn’t have anything planned. She just took her backpack full of clothes and her camera. The first destination she went to was Zambia, where she met Ginger back when she was doing her thesis for her Master’s degree.

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When she returned to Zambia, she found out that the sweet, shy dog she met were security dogs for an oil drilling company. She knew that she had to rescue Ginger, especially after knowing that thieves severely beat Ginger’s sister.

Sara decided to adopt Ginger after finding her in Zambia. Luckily, Ginger’s owner agreed to let Sara adopt the dog. During the first days of traveling with Ginger, Sara noticed that Ginger’s really nervous and was continually shaking in fear.

However, after a few days with Sara, Ginger started to calm down and began to open up and show her sweet personality. Although it took Ginger a whole month to adjust to traveling in a car, she eventually began enjoying it.

Ginger loved hiking and going adventures with Sara. However, Sara contracted Malaria during her trip. She was so sick that she wanted to leave and go home. The only problem was Ginger’s paperwork for traveling wasn’t finished, and if she left at that time, she would be leaving Ginger behind.

Sara decided to stay. Although she was terrified for life because of the disease, she eventually recovered and continued going on adventures together.

Her time with Ginger made Sara realize that there are other street dogs out there that needs rescuing. So, she started an organization in Africa that aims to rescue and care for street dogs.

Sara even started visiting schools in Africa to teach kids about caring for dogs. She would take Ginger with her and show kids how great dogs can be as a friend and companion.

Sara changed her life for the better. Her travels with her dog, Ginger, made her realize that it’s the experience that matters and not the things you have in life. Here’s a heartwarming video showing the bond between Sara and Ginger.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube


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